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Unique exposure

Say goodbye to flyers, cold calls and door-to-door sales attempts. Level up your company by meeting people where they are, inviting them in with some fresh coffee and getting to talk to them on their level.

Engaging conversations

Our Loco van ticks all the boxes when it comes to engagement! Each and every sense is engaged. Stop and smell the coffee from all around the block, feel the warmth of your hot, caffeinated coffee giving you the drive to keep pushing through the day, provide visual content on our television screen hooked up to the van, hear the words of your best sales team member pitching your wonderful company and taste the rich columbian beans of our finest coffee blends that will keep them wanting to stick around for a second cup.

Brand building

You're a pretty great person. Your company cares about your customers more than anything else. You look after them with free beverages. You want them to be awake and ready for the day. If they happen to hear your pitch that's happening at the van, well that's just a happy bonus.

Social media outreach

Whether or not you like it, social media has taken over the online world and your business needs to be part of it. You can't beat it so its time to join it. Get expose in the best ways with Loco Media's help. From selfie's around the van to marketing support all around - we've got you covered!

Don’t be hard to get
be hard to Forget.

Good marketing makes the company look smartGreat marketing makes the customer feel smart

Not sure where to start when it comes to marketing? You’ve come to the right place. Our marketing team will help you understand how to engage your audience with content they want.

Explore our service options and get a quote for your next event!

The only question left is really, where do we park?

Not sure if your industry could work with this type of marketing? Unless your customers dislike coffee, don’t like to go outside and hate quality vintage vehicules – we’re pretty sure we can break the ice with them! Check out or projects to see how we’ve helped other companies and let’s get brainstorming how your company can pitch to your next market.

What makes us different

Premium Beverage Options

Quality coffee beans, grinded and prepared from experienced baristas. Local tea’s of the finest flavours, from Earl Grey and other black teas to herbal berry twists and everything in between. Rich hot chocolate, tested from only the most picky of children, heated to the perfect drinking temperature. Whatever your target audience, we can adapt to their liking.

Additional Marketing Support

Loco Media is so much more than a van. Our company helps you to level up any campaign, product launch or simply upgrade team morale with a free coffee lunch from their company to show how much they care. Market your company in good light to potential customers, both big or small, and to your internal teams. Better yet, treat your favourite clients teams to some free coffee. The opportunities are endless and we are excited to help you discover what will make the best impression. 

Personalized Materials

We can help you design and print banners as well as get your presentation, pitch deck or company commercials up on our screens to ensure everyone knows just who is hosting the event that is the talk of the town! Don’t let someone else beat you to the punch!

Customized Events

Worried that your event is too big or too small for our van? Fear not, we can adjust as to ensure your customers can still get Loco. As long as there’s somewhere for us to park we can work with your schedule and coordination as to ensure we are at the right place at the right time. 

Creating Memorable MomentsWith our help, your customers won't be forgetting your event anytime soon! Make an impression.

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Email marketing is crutial for every good marketing funnel. Reach your customers with the news they are wanting and create engaging content for them to keep coming back for more. Join the Loco Media community to stay up to date with the latest event marketing tips and be the first to know about our latest promotions. No need to worry about spam emails, we don’t want to make useless content that nobody cares about just as much as you dont want to read it. Let’s get Loco!